TAKE CARE ABOUT YOU AT YOUR OWN DOMUMASSAGE WITH CHINESE BUBBLE, ANTI-CELLULITE MOBILE MASSAGE WITH HANDLING TO THE HOUSE KILENTAMASAŻ BŁKĄ CHIŃSKĄ HAS BEEN DISCOVERED IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CELLULITE! After only a few treatments, you can enjoy a body free of orange peel for a long time. Bubble massage stimulates blood circulation and body fluids, helps to get rid of unnecessary metabolic products and toxins from the body, has a strong draining effect, strengthens tissues, effectively reduces the size of cellulite deposits, improves firmness and density of the skin, reduces the visibility of stretch marks. The massage is performed on the stomach, thighs, buttocks, calves, arms. To achieve the desired effect, massage should be performed at least 2x / week. in the series 10 mur. More information is available at priv or tel / sms 0894341453 DUBLIN, Blanchardstown