Electric bicycle OSA VELOFAST is a new standard among electric vehicles. A city bike with the appearance of a scooter, which does not require registration, tax, insurance or riding in a helmet. A great alternative to classic scooters. Equipped with comprehensive lighting: stop light, turn signals, low beam , traffic light, mirrors, horn, 2 keys, alarm, 2 remotes, steering lock, 2 lockable lockable storage spaces. Brushless motor: 250W; PAS, handle. Coverage, speed: 50-60 km; 25 km / h (you can unlock up to 45 km / h by pulling the ankle at your own risk). 3-speed gearbox (shift switch at throttle). Adjusts the speed to the individual needs of the driver. Battery: gel; 48 V; approx. 500 charging cycles. Wheel sizes: 16/16 inches. Power supply: AC 230 V; 50 Hz. Charging time: 4-6 hours. Heaters: tumblers. Arresters: Front and rear. I recommend anyone as a cheap and fast means of transport to work. 0858276324