I live in Dublin 1. I perform a hybrid manicure at home or at my home. I work at CND Shellac and Semilac. I also do a health pedicure (I remove corns, calluses, calluses from the feet, including cracking heels). I work with a milling machine, a scalpel and sterilized tools. I have 12 years of experience. *** Hybrid manicure 20 € *** Hybrid pedicure 20 € *** Health pedicure with hybrid painting 30 € *** Complete, hybrid manicure + health pedicure with painting 45 € *** I make a hybrid manicure on a natural plate. It does not nourish the nail, but protects it from external factors. Thanks to this, you can grow longer nails. The varnish stays for 2-3 weeks. 083 161 4792 (if I do not answer, please text) My facebook page: blin / examples of my work on it. I invite you to like.