COLLAGEN ARTHRO SPRINT online store offers: Collagen Arthro Sprint, is the only preparation on the market in the patented LICAPS® technology, ie a capsule with a solution characterized by up to 40% greater absorption of active substances than in the case of ordinary tablets or capsules. In addition, LICAPS® capsules do not contain unnecessary additives, such as anti-cristals, salts, starches, gluten or artificial colors. The effects after taking products in the patented Licaps® technology are much faster visible. Substances included in Collagen Arthro Sprint act to rebuild joint cartilage, protect cartilage against micro injuries, increasing the viscosity of synovial fluid and slipping. They help strengthen the base of the cartilage - the collagen network and help to ensure the proper viscosity of the synovial fluid so that the cartilage less wear and damage. AdamKo Vitality. I wish you a lot of health and vitality. Adam Kostrzewa