Kitesurfing COURSE - our passion, our specialty It's an amazing feeling of light gliding on the water and gliding above it. It's about taming the natural wind power - understanding it. This sport evokes strong positive emotions, excites and enjoys. Skills enabling independent swimming can be gained by participating in a course lasting ONLY a dozen or so hours! The course includes: - The appropriate number of hours of kitesurfing training in a group or individually - Classes with a certified and registered instructor! - Rental of kitesurfing equipment 2014/2015! for the time of classes: kite, board, trapeze, helmet, foam - Insurance! - Issuing ID cards after completion We also sell Top Brands Equipment. We are the Official Wainman Hawaii Dealer / Nobile Kiteboarding in Ireland and members of the International IKO / Irish IKSA Kiteboarding Organization and Polish POiK. We are Legally Operating Kitesurfing School tel: 0894241999