NORROWER TESTS: Especially recommended by specialists in anti-cancer therapy. One of the most important factors affecting the medical effectiveness of this plant is the high content of Amigdlain (Vitamin B17), which is a natural anti-cancer agent. Kernels of apricot kernels provide a lot of magnesium, vitamin B15 (pangamic acid and acid salicylic) Pesticides not genetically modified! They come from crops that do not use pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals. THE USE: Attention! Pips are very bitter, the maximum daily intake according to EU is 2 kernels of apricot kernels. It should not be exceeded, because the bitter apricot kernels contain hydrocyanic acid, which can lead to poisoning in the event of overdose. Store in a dry and dark place, inaccessible to children. Any information and advice on e-mail [email protected] or at: 086 -2556192