BERRY GOJI 250g: It has long been used in natural medicine, because of its pro-health influence. Goji berries have amazing rejuvenating properties! As we grow older, our bodies produce and less growth hormone, which is associated with the aging process. It is the only known food that stimulates the body to produce this hormone naturally. The fatty acids and polysaccharides contained in the berries stimulate the production of collagen and retain moisture, resulting in a younger looking skin. Effectively improve the eyesight, lutein and zeaxanthin, which the human body can not produce itself supplied in berries Gojipomaga protect the eyes from attacks of free radicals and repair damage caused by them.They are the richest source of karetonoids, including beta carotene. It contains more than carrots and any other food in the world. Any information and advice on the email is [email protected] or at: 086-2556192