CHLORELLA 250g -TABLETS: A natural cleansing agent that increases immunity. Effective in the treatment of many diseases, min. in the fight against high pressure, high cholesterol and blood sugar. It helps the liver work. It affects the improvement of digestion, bad breath, body fat reduction. Horella is a natural type of freshwater monocot, growing in rivers and ponds of Asia. With its unique cellular structure, it binds and removes all toxins and heavy metals from the body. Vitamin, amino acids and salts mineral is a perfect supplement to your daily diet.DAVICATION: Depending on your body weight, diet, stress, environment, lifestyle and fatigue: You should consume about 2-3 g Chlorella (9-13 tablets), drink a glass of water or juice daily. You can take one dose or split into two doses (morning and evening). All information and advice on the email [email protected] or at: 086-2556192