Natural cleansing of the body from toxins, also known as detoxification, is one of the most important tools for regaining energy and energy flow, permanently eliminating unnecessary kilograms and returning to excellent well-being and lowering the biological age. In today's dawn toxins can not be avoided. First of all, they come from what we eat and from what we breathe. They also arise from the breakdown of cells, and especially from the breakdown of fat cells. Nowadays, in food there are several dozen times more chemistry than 50 years ago. For this reason, you poison yourself and your children with toxins every day. Remember, each of us depends on health! I recommend a natural cleansing set consisting of: Fiber Vital 500g, Chlorella 1000 tab, Spirulina 1000 tab, Powder from young barley 500g, Milk Thistle 1kg, Czystek 200g. Price of the set: 69,99 €. All information and advice on the email [email protected] or at: 086-2556192