In an underground tank at an old military airport, workers dig up human bones. Soon after, someone pushes a woman off a footbridge. Assistant Commissioner Oliver von Bodenstein and Commissioner Pia Kirchhoff are investigating both cases. The trail leads them to Altenhain and Tobias. Can a former prisoner be dangerous? Is it rather dangerous to him? In this small, once pastoral community, quiet agreements and sub-systems are formed. The smell of a dark secret can be felt in the air. Residents are bound by a conspiracy of silence, and each of them seems to have something on their conscience. A local rich man, a village fool, an unpleasant shop, former colleagues ... In Altenhain, how many houses, so many corpses in wardrobes. And yet the buried matter from many years ago revives with full power. Who is a criminal and who is a victim? And if not Tobias killed, then who? D7, D9, D11