servicing and reviews checking the computer most cars and truck quote quotes by phone. I do not have a garage anymore, that's why I do service and repair cheaply. I can handle the servicow price without the part price. repair price is given without the price of parts. check bledow delete / tests abs / change pads / tarcz / chamulcowych replacement turbo compressors sensors egr general repair. checking the vehicles before buying or not having an accident or folded helped a lot of people when I bought and the prices fell a lot as the customer wanted to buy I have transport and equipment to check the car on the spot. Depending on the location, I charge a low fee from 45euro to make a trip in Dublin visual check and suspension south side.do130 euro transfer visual check testing while driving computer guarantees a large discount from sprzedajacychtext / email 0861950400 [email protected]