LINUX ENIGMA 2 - UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES FULL HD 1080 | TWO HEADS THE POSSIBILITY OF RECORDING AND VIEWING DIFFERENT CHANNELS | HARD DISK HDD 250GB OPTIONAL DVB-T mpeg4 reception via USB dongle and WIFI USB. Works with cards, incl. CYFRA + TNK SMART HD XXX and not only, Attached proof of purchase, The latest Enigma2 version is available Enigma2_V7.1.6 NAND (support dvb-tW the set includes: -DECODER DIGITAL NBOX BLACK ADB5800SX 250GB SERIES BSLA-NBOX remote control, -Most stronger power supply 60W (12VDC , 5A) - double head (when recording from one channel, the ability to view another) All new and in the original package. Two decoders can be selected the same black software 250Gb-130 without disk -80eTel.089 463 2378