THE EYE OF BROWN AND RZES.Doskonły combination of a base for mascara and a transparent eyebrow gel ideally stylizes your frame of eyes. The unique complex of amino acids contained in the gel strengthens and nourishes eyebrows, and provitamin B5 has a regenerating effect, restoring them a beautiful, healthy look. The product arranges unruly hair and fixes the shape given to the eyebrows. The nourishing ink base instantly thickens and lengthens lashes and gives them a delightful volume, enhancing the effect of each mascara. Strengthens eyelashes, stimulates their growth, thanks to active ingredients acting like a serum: wheat proteins nourish eyelashes, vitamin E makes them elastic and additionally minimizes hair loss. Properly profiled brushes allow precise application and reach even the shortest hairs. / Mozliwa wysylka / [email protected]