You have health problems. I recommend the Elemental Hair Analysis is especially recommended for people who have problems with maintaining physical and mental condition, and especially about the reduced immunity of the body. APW is used in preventing adults and children's health as well as supporting treatment and rehabilitation. It is most often performed in the following disorders: gastrological, hormonal, neurological, dermatological, bone-joint system, cardiological. Hair Element Analysis - is a full assessment of the mineral metabolism of the body. You will find out how nourished your body is. You will know the characteristics of your metabolism and health trends. You get: 1. designation of 29 elements in the hair2. 2 supplementation programs: compensatory for 1-3 months and prophylactic for 6 months 3. diet for 7 days with regulations and recommendations for physical activity 4. sending the result by mail and to the e-mail address. Authorized partner BIOMOL 0858264120