I will sell books in perfect condition: Catherine and Amanda N. Roberts 3 e; Wait for the end of the rain. K. Gucewicz 6 e; Running with wolves CP Estes 10 e, 188 Days and Nights Wiśniewski and Domagalik 6 e, Possession R.Radiguet 3 e; patients for love M.Vincent 3e; 7 times love different authors 3 e; Great Gatsby Fitzgerald 3 e: Angie patient Ondaatje 3 e; Weronika decides to die P. Coelho 5 e; Woman and men M.Gretkowska 5e; Liryki the most beautiful Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska 3e; Ficolki on the beater Kalicińska 7e; In the prime of life Beavoir 12 e; Nora Joyce Life true Molly Bloom Maddox 12e; Letters on exhausted paper Osiecka 7 e; Baba Jaga Ugresic 5 e; Aimee and Jaguar E.Fisher 5 e; Master and Małgorzata Bulhakow 3 e; Boys in Sofixach J.Porada 6 euro. Phone: 0892146622wrzy purchase of a larger number of books discount !!!