WORKING FROM NOW - GUARDIAN for an older couple, what. Tipperary. We are looking for a lady (age between 30 and 55 years) to take care of an elderly married couple. I am asking for serious reports with a photo. Work involves living with you. Work based on a friendly caretaker contract guaranteeing holidays, holidays, overtime payment, paid vacation. Salary 1450 eu plus overtime paid 10 eu.Państwo live in a beautiful home need help with daily activities, personal hygiene, dressing, drug administration, plus cooking, cleaning, shopping. Available private room, food, interenet - free of charge. We are looking for strong, committed people, preferably with experience and references. Knowledge of English at the communicative level - necessary. Please send us your CV and cover letter. Check how it works with us! http://www.alhomecare.ie/mee t-carers-polish / We also have a job offer at what. Wexford, driving license - necessary.