Wedding photography is not just about pressing the shutter button on the camera. Emotions, emotions, glances ... nothing can escape the photographer's vigilance. The experience acquired in working with Young Couples, in difficult lighting conditions, constant motion and the constantly changing situations makes the photographer's precision and skills invaluable. Also skillfully filmed wedding film cameraman's work with several years of experience, with original, ingenious assembly, for many couples has become a remarkable wedding memorabilia, registration of their memories, which we happily return to. Service we perform throughout the country IRELAND, We have free dates 2016 and 2017. / telefon - 0852490760 / view galeries http: //decoration.prestige4u .ie / module / customersgallery / ga llery? idcat = 4 & live_configu rato r_token = 14e159a90b25441bb36c5c cdb66d7396 & id_shop = 1 & i d_employ ee = 1 & theme = theme9 & them e_font =