Polska Firma Elektryczna (www.3nergy.eu) and Alarmowa (www.assecurity.ie) with Irish electrical and alarm certificates (alarms, CCTV, access control) and insurance. 10 years on the market. We issue Irish certificates necessary for insurance! Electrical / alarm installations for your business and home. Competitive prices compared to Irish companies. Help in settling matters with ESB, Eircom, UPC. Professional advice and extensive experience. Electricity, smoke systems, emergency lighting, anti-burglary systems, IoT systems. OUR CLIENTS: Poland / Austiracka Amabasada, Consulate, Residences, MyMind Outpatient Clinics, Stores (including Polonez, ABC), Solaria, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants etc. and private clients. YOU WILL REPAIR, YOU ARE BUYING A NEW HOUSE, YOU ARE OPENING A BUSINESS OWNER - WE CAN HELP YOU! email: [email protected] 0873947137